Meditate with Mononoke

Night Garden 04 - with Princess Mononoke and Chris Baas

26 jan 2019

This Saturday night, we will emerge ourselves in the beautiful visuals of Princess Mononoke followed by tropical plant sounds by Chris Baas. Come join and dive into the world of Night Garden!



Princess Mononoke 

This animated film from anime master Hayao Miyazaki was a huge success with Japanese and all over the world audiences. Set in medieval Japan, the story follows Ashitaka, the prince of a primitive tribe. He gets involved in a struggle between the gods of a forest and the humans who consume its resources. The term "Mononoke" (物の怪) or もののけ is not a name, but a Japanese word for a spirit or monster: supernatural, shape-shifting beings. 

This beautiful animation brings forth a series of inspiring questions about our relationship to the world around us. Is it enough not to interfere? Would it be positive for both humanity and nature if the former understood the isolated relevance of the beings that compose the principle of the latter? What spheres of existential notions can we gather from the presence of a human as being the princess of all the beasts in the forest, and taking up arms to defend them against her equals? The war between humans and the mythical beasts of Japanese folklore portrayed in this film stands out not only as a wonderful artistic achievement but also as a filmic rendition of cultural particularities as regards animal personifications and symbolic meanings thereof.


Night Garden Princess Mononoke GIF 2 -

Chris Baas 

Chris Baas is part of the Pantropical crew. Pantropical is a frenzied concert/club series focussing on rough-edged tropical music, contemporary club music, outré rural folklore, global bass and more.


Night Garden: 4
Saturday 26 January, 21:45 - late
Tickets: Free! 
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam


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Night Garden is an event series in which we invite people to share their unique plant-related journeys. Come join us in this parallel universe accompanied by dreamy DJ sets and botanical dancing to keep your winter hearts warm! Using the series Mediamatic will foster a better understanding and establish communication between people and indoor plants. Learning together through playing, interactive exploration and entertainment.