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Night Garden 06 - with Aguirre, the Wrath of God and LULU

16 feb 2019

Back at it, this time with the haunting Herzogian display of human despair and breathtaking nature in 'Aquirre, the Wrath of God', followed by moodswinging sounds from LULU!

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Going crazy under the disco ball at Night Garden - Tia Torok


Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972, Werner Herzog)

_plant film club
An epic historical drama which explores the doomed expedition of conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro in the 1560s, as he leads his army through the Amazon on a suicidal mission to find the legendary Inca city of El Dorado.
The striking visual imagery of the Peruvian jungle is counterpointed by the madness and greed of Aguirre, who will stop at nothing to complete his search for gold. Made on a tiny budget with a stolen camera from the Munich film school and with the spirit of guerilla film making at its heart, Aguirre, the Wrath of God’s production process is as fascinating as the story itself. It is haunting, ecclesiastical, human and yet something else.


Lulu is a Dutch DJ, who enjoys surprising her audience with her pick of electronic and wave records. Her sets are filled with acoustic music, Arabic vocals and mood swings. Besides solo, she plays with her other DJ half Mata Hari, with whom she used to organize Strange Sounds From Beyond’s radio show.


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Night Garden is an event series in which we invite people to share their unique plant-related journeys. Come join us in this parallel universe accompanied by dreamy DJ sets and botanical dancing to keep your winter hearts warm! Using the series Mediamatic will foster a better understanding and establish communication between people and indoor plants. Learning together through playing, interactive exploration and entertainment.