Sending bugs to BGB Nijhof

The procedure for sending samples to BGB Nijhof is as follows:

Take a pest-infested leaf sample and place it in a clean Petri dish. If there is no Petri dish in the aquaponics greenhouse, get one from the Clean Lab.



Infested leaf -

With the sample inside the Petri dish, seal it with a bit of tape to keep it closed as shown in the figure.



Sealed sample -

Find a cardboard box where the sample Petri dish fits in and send the sample the same day by post to BGB Nijhof’s address.

Nijhof BGB
Vogelzangsteeg 19
9479 TE Noordlaren


You can go to one of the following postNL offices


PostNL service point at Amsterdam Centraal -


Other postNL service point -


Send an email to BGB Nijhof ( stating the following:

  • That you have sent a sample in the mail.
  • That you are requesting a biological control product for the pest(s) found on the sample
  • Ask when you should be expecting the arrival of the remedy and plan to receive it on the same day.

If you have any questions, call them at: +31 (0) 50 406 28 17 or check their website