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Nutrients deficiencies in plants

Remedies and where to buy them (old)

By the past, we experienced iron deficiency in our system. We found a solution in adding chelated iron powder.

Since then, we are facing other nutrients deficiencies from time to time (and we can tell it's not iron as its concentration is now controlled).



Nutrient defiencies -

To identify the issue, we use University of Arizona's assessment charts that help us recognize the symptoms corresponding to each nutrient deficiency.


Nutrient deficiency assessment (1/2) - University of Arizona -


Nutrient deficiency assessment (2/2) - University of Arizona -


A lot more information about nutrient deficiency can be found on Montana State University website.


We are now trying to find fish and humans friendly remedy to each deficiency and testing how to use them.

When adding a product, always dilute it in some water and pour it into the decantation filter (or growbeds depending on the aquaponics setup and nutrient deficiency).


Iron: between 2 and 10 ppm

Librel IJzer FE-DP DTPA 7% 1kg/pak :



Epsom salt: