Send email - Standard

Here we explain how to send any kind of email with Stager and what to remember in the process. 


Sending email in Stager -

  1. Determine who is/are your recipient(s).
    1. If it is just one specific person: Go to Marketing → Mailings on the left column → create mailing on top right → choose a pre-existing template or Blanco template if you do not want to use a template → fill in the recipient’s email address → continue with steps below
    2. If it is a group of recipient: follow these links on how to send emails to Workshop/Event Participants or  Relation Type.
  2. Fill in the email subject.
  3. Under “reply to” select the email address which appears for the recipient. Note: you will need to be signed in to Stager with the email address you want to appear to the recipient if it’s other than
  4. Drag Free text box to the email. 
  5. Click on image icon → insert  Mediamatic logo url in the brackets ( → insert two spaces on the next line like this:    
  6. Then choose the beginning of your email and select the human icon → choose First name.
  7. Write your text.
  8. Option: Click on image icon → insert image url of an image you want at the bottom of your email. 
  9. Click Submit to see how your email will appear. 
  10. Insert Socials under the text.
  11. Click Send now on bottom right.