Internship: Aroma Lab

Discover the world of smell

At Mediamatic, we believe that scents have a strong part to play in the future of art and technology. Not only do we use them, but we also compose them! To explore this new perspective about the fragrance and smell world, this might be the perfect internship for you.


Regina distributing aroma at Odorama - Regina as aroma jockey during Odorama: Art + Distillation Anisa Xhomaqi

The Aroma Lab is a workstation where scent creativity is put into practice. We play with a variety of ingredients to extract weird and wonderful smells and try to learn more about olfaction every day. A scent library of more than 200 raw materials both natural and sythetic is available for you to explore and creatively use in your composition.

In sum, we investigate and stimulate the cultural and artistic potential of olfaction with small scale extractions and with events. Mediamatic's program Odorama invites key figures in the olfactory arts to explore scent from many perspectives. In the past, Aroma lab interns have helped organise Odorama's on the smell of leather, of holiness and even of sex! Every few weeks Mediamatic also offers workshops for those interested in smell and distillation.

Aside from assisting in the organisation of these events, there will be plenty of time spent in the lab. In our own well equipped space, you can research the optimal way of using solvents with materials to create a specific compound. Of course, you are welcome to propose and execute your own projects.



distilling rose petals and citrus fruit -



  • Contributions to productional / organisational implementation of the project
  • Direct involvement in the research and developments around scents and technology
  • Thinking about and researching the best materials and techniques for projects
  • Optimizing distillation methods in the lab
  • Keeping in contact with artists and workshop leaders
  • Assisting scent related events / workshops
  • Assisting weekly open Aroma Lab
  • Implementing your own project idea (Formulation, research, experimentation...)

Student profile

  • The student writes and speaks fluent English (and possibly Dutch)
  • Special interest in olfaction and feasibility of olfactory ideas in art, spaces, and scent design
  • Experience and/or affinity with scents
  • Has good communication skills
  • Works well independently with a hands-on mentality
  • Knows his/her way around the internet, preferably handy with Apple
  • HBO / WO level of thinking and intrinsic motivation

What do we offer?

  • An inspiring work environment in the centre of Amsterdam
  • A broad national and international network in the arts, culture, olfaction and bio-design
  • Here you can find all the important information about doing an internship at Mediamatic


Send a short letter with your resume in PDF format to: stating “Internship Aroma Lab”. Please also mention the preferred start date of your internship. For questions, please contact


Caro Verbeek at Odorama: Scent from Heaven -