Presentation: DAY Collective

Nomadic Picnic

by DAY collective

4 aug 2019
Nomadic Picnic is a participatory performance consisting of an unconventional meal with strangers, with only one rule: being silent.
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There is no tableware and cutlery in Nomadic Picnic - DAY Collective

"Language matters. Discourse matters. Culture matters. There is an important sense in which the only thing that does not seem to matter anymore is matter." Karen Barad

Nomadic picnic is an intimate, embodied experience, up to 16 people. The meal consists of 6 sculptural, conceptual dishes designed and prepared by the artists. They are vegan, organic, without gluten or added sugar, thus making up a more universal diet. Instead of tables, chairs or cutlery, participants eat with their hands and sit on specially made carpets "picmats". They are arranged during the Nomadic Picnic performance in a special way which relies on "proxemics", which is the study of distances between people in space and how it influences communication and behaviour. This performance seeks to go beyond the common mode of verbal introductions and interactions and makes people get to know each other in a different way. People can get to know themselves and others through the senses and through experience, which is simultaneously collective and individual. Seasonal vegetables for the meal come from the gardens of Wim Bijma located in Tuinen van West.

Nomadic picnic is a work by DAY collective (Dorota Radzimirska and Yulia Ratman).

Tickets: Full price €39 | Artist / Student: €25 (incl. €1 administration costs)