Lynn Amhaz
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Sela typeface, Lynn Amhaz

Sela is a digital typeface based on the Naskhi script, reviving different characteristics specific to Diwani and Thuluth, i.e. Classic vs. Modern. The edge I propose is the respect of “musicality” of the script, translated through the variations of the letterforms, the swashes, the ligatures the contrast of the pen flow, the marrying of letters with each other, along with diacritical and vocalization marks. My typeface is based on a specific grid that I created in order to fit the modern and technical criterion. The letters have multiple heights unfolding from a baseline. However the font follows Ibn Muqla’s calligraphic systems to revive the traditional feel of Arabic calligraphy: Nizam Al Dai’ra for the overall cast, Nizam Al Nuqat for the proportions of the face, and Nizam Al Tashabuh for the uniformity of the letters.