POSTPONED | Face Nature: Masterclass

with Madeline Schwartzman

18 apr 2020

Dit event is uitgesteld omwille van de COVID-19 aanbevelingen.

We zijn als bedrijf natuurlijk erg begaan met onze eigen medewerkers als ook de gasten. Hierom stellen wij enkele events uit. Hou zeker onze facebookpagina in de gaten om nieuwe ontwikkeling op te volgen. 


Enter spring with a renewed inspiration from nature. Madeline Schwartzman will lead a workshop on prosthetic sensory apparatus, focusing on the head and ways of structuralizing and robotizing nature close to the body. Face Nature is a remedy for our dire cyborgian situation: we spend most of our time indoors staring at digital leaves and animals on our screens, aware of and enraged about climate change, not realizing how distant from real nature we have become. It’s so easy to look away, to close the screen. Any time spent observing, interacting with, and building with nature for the body, is elucidating and may be crucial to our future. What senses can we develop to better re-connect with our surroundings? What can we learn from nature’s modus operandi? Can we plug into the mycorrhizal network? What sensation have we ignored or missed?

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18-04-2020 Face Nature Masterclass - het lichaam versieren met bladeren. - Face Nature: Masterclass is een workshop onder leiding van Madeline Schwartzman, bekend van het boek See Yourself Sensing. In deze workshop maken deelnemers hun eigen speculatieve ontwerp-prototypes en natuurinterfaces om draagbare protheses te bouwen. Face Nature betrek deelnemers bij het zoeken, analyseren en het nadenken over de zintuigen en houdt zich bezig met het creëren van een structuur, tussen de morfologie van het gezicht en de vormen van de natuur.  Madeline Schwartzman

What will you do?

Face Nature: Masterclass is a critical making workshop led by Madeline Schwartzman, known from the book See Yourself Sensing. In this workshop participants craft their own speculative design prototypes and nature interfaces to build wearable prosthetics and face extensions. Face Nature involves participants in foraging, analyzing, and considering the senses, then engaging in the creation of an interstitial structure between the morphology of the face and the forms of nature. By crafting speculative wearables, participants will explore ways to re-connect with nature. In this two-day workshop you will craft your own nature interfaces, through speculative wearables and facial prosthetics. These will focus above all on the head, creating interstitial structures that connect the morphology of the face with the forms of nature. 

Bring your own nature

You can bring anything from branches to berries, from soil to leaves, from bark to pines, moss, dried flowers, artichokes, branches, even house plants, dried or live. For the face-pieces you will try to work with the morphology of the particular found nature so you should have a certain interest or fascination to your foraged material and findings.

About Madeline Schwartzman

The workshop will be led by Madeline Schwartzman, a New York City writer, filmmaker and architect whose work explores human narratives and the human sensorium through social art, book writing, curating and experimental video making. Her book  See Yourself Sensing (Black Dog Publishing, London, 2011) collects the work of artists, interaction designers, architects and scientists who speculate on the future of the human sensorium through wearables, devices, headgear and installations. Her new book See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded, was recently published by Black Dog Press and explores the future of the human head.

Master class: Face Nature with Madeline Schwartzman 

Saturday 18th of April  12:00 - 18:00 

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