Alice Gimpel, Julia van der Veen

Google ads

Mediamatic has a Google ad grant, which means we have around 350 euros a day to spend on ads that show up when people search for the right keywords. 

While Google Ad Grants is a great program and provides many benefits for non-profits, it is Google we are talking about and they are going to make you jump through hoops to get that money.

One big issue is the $2 max CPC criteria, that makes it difficult to compete for more competitive queries, and that forces you to be insanely creative if you want make your campaigns effective.

In covid times we researched further into the best way to set up ads (without succes!) and in this collection we summarised our findings. This is mostly just information from Google, so feel free to delete this if you do not find it useful. 

Finally we spent a lot of hours on research and trial and did not get much in return, which is why we stopped Google Ads for now. 

If you want to see what previous adds we've set up, or if you want to try it again , then log into the Google ad grants account by finding the log in details in our password list (Google Ad Grants nr. 4335272295)

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