Alice Gimpel

Planning in the communication calendar

Making good use of our communication calendar will help you get insight into how our agenda gets sent into our social media. You can play around and create what works best for you but below you can find an introduction to how we have been doing it until now. 


This is an introduction to planning inside the communication calendar, to read how to make a communication plan (when you should plan something and how much) go here. 


Communication calendar - image 1

Step 1: After you have been shared in the communication calendar, you should be able to see it in your left hand menu alongside your other calendars (see image 1)


Step 2: As you can see in the image 2, this is how the communication calendar looks when you get rid of your personal or other calendars. Every Calendar has its own color. 


Step 3: If you want to plan something in the communication calendar, put your calendar in week mode and click right next to the date (so not on a time but kind of above the calendar next to the date that you want). This makes the plan go for the entire day, not just a specific time and it will always be visible above your personal calendar. 


Step 4: When you right click next to the date, you can insert a title and also select for which calendar this is meant (make sure it says communication below and not your personal calendar (then other communication calendar people won't be able to see it). You can see this in image 3

Step 5: Since we have a variety of plans (social media, newsletters, instagram, facebook). We now use a color coding system. For the same calendar (communication), you can give different colors to the different plans.  If you would like to color code your different plans. CTRL - click on your plan and the different colors will show. You can see this in all the image 4.

A system we keep up now is 

Blue - Facebook 

Pink - Instagram 

Purple - Newsletter with abbreviation NWL before the plan

You can color code the plans for specific goals (all instagram posts are pink, all facebook posts are blue, all purple posts are newsletters). 


Read how to make a communication plan for your workshop, event or neo futurist dinner here.