Alice Gimpel

Updating the Homeset

This article is meant to explain how you can update the long list of events on the right hand side of the homepage (see image) 


Screenshot of the homeset -

Our agenda keeps going but our homepage stays the same if you don't do something about it. By following the steps you can enter the homeset of our homepage, the list of events that are happening in the upcoming time. 

Step 1. Make sure you're logged into the website

Step 2. Pick any page on our website and go into the admin 

Step 3. In the admin, go to the searchbar and search for Homeset

Step 4. select HOME_SET_2

Step 5. Scroll down until you find Contain on the right hand side. There is many attached events, workshops, articles or collections

Step 6. You can rearrange these items on the right date. We always have a maximum of 1 Open Friday Tour in the homeset, the upcoming one. You can add items to this list by clicking on +Add below the list of items. 

Step 7. You get a screen where you can select the event you would like to add. The right column shows you existing content and actually arranges it by last updated. So the last item you have edited will show up at the top of the list. If you want to make it easier for yourself to select the right event, edit them a little bit by changing minimal stuff and change it back once you've added them to the contains bar.

Step 8. Once you've finished adding your items to the contains bar, click on save and view. Check if you've added your items in the right order and if its the right date. 

Step 9. Check the homepage and see how it looks. 



We always keep Mediamatic Bon. and To see at Mediamatic at the top of the list