Alice Gimpel

Last Minute Ticket Shop

Whenever our events don't sell out, we have the chance to put them on the last-minute ticket shop. This not only increases our visibility in Amsterdam but can boost sales. Once you have admitted our event to the Iamsterdam agenda, it will also show up in the last-minute ticket shop. Tickets on the last-minute ticket shop get shown to potential buyers at 10:00 the same day of the event, however you can send in your event way in advance. 

Step 1. Send your event to the Iamsterdam agenda, you can find how to do that here

Step 2. Log into the Last-minute dashboard. You can find the log-in details here

Step 3. Click on Aanbieden

Step 4. Is your event showing? If not, contact Pink Tie

Step 5. If you're event is showing, click to give in an amount of tickets and provide all the necessary information.