Alice Gimpel

Sending an event to the Uitagenda

Whenever you know that an event will be taking place in the future, it's good to send out all the information to Amsterdam calendars so potential customers see it on other platforms. One of these calendars is the IAmsterdam calendar, it's free because we have an Amsterdam & Partners membership, IAmsterdam is also connected to the last-minute ticketshop. In this article you can read how to upload your event to the calendar. 

Step 1: About 4 weeks in advance go to the IAmsterdam calendar upload page.

Step 2: 

Category: Evenement 

Type: Lezing

Taal: Geschikt voor Niet Nederlandstaligen (if the event is in English)

Fill in the information boxes of the event. The information in this agenda needs to be done in Dutch and there can be an additional English version. Do this with a Dutch speaker and the Dutch version text of your event. 

Fill in the rest of the form, make sure to provide proper credit with the image you upload (if the image has been made by our photographers, credit is Mediamatic not the name of the photographer. 

Step 3: When you are done filling in the form, check it by clicking controleren and if everything seems to be in the right order send it off for checking by the Amsterdam & partnes crew. Usually it takes about 2 days for the event to pop-up in the calendar.