Alice Gimpel

Ordering MUPI posters

In this article, I will guide you through the step by step process of ordering a slot to occupy Iamsterdam posters in the city. This could be for an upcoming events, a research project or any way we would like to show ourselves to the outside world. 

This is a year-in-advance venture. You don't need to already know what you are going to advertise, but you need to book a time slot before they are gone. BE ON TIME. This means at least a season, preferably a year in advance. Once you have decided that you would like to use Amsterdam's poster service to advertise an upcoming event or something similar

Step 1: Go to the advertising website 

Step 2: Check the prices for the year you are in 

Step 3: Email to book a week slot somewhere in the year for the MUPI b-kantjes. There's a few options, talk to Willem about what he would like and propose what you think would be best in terms of finances and time. 

Step 4: Be sure to be on time with booking slots, usually they book up really fast. It's best to try to already book a year in advance. Similarly you can always e-mail the address with the question if they happen to have any last-minute free spots, however this is limited. Book at least a season in advance. 

Step 5: Once you have a booked spot, Iamsterdam will get back in touch with you and it is expected that you have the PDF of the poster ready 1 month in advance and sent to for a check if everything is in order. Once you have gotten the ok from their press office, you can send it to your printer. 

Step 6: You can use any online print service that is affordable and prints ABRI sizes. Check the requirements in your correspondence with Iamsterdam and make sure the poster has the right measurements, the right paper and has a good price :) You will come across a lot of expensive stuff but I've found Drukwerkdeal does a good job for a good price. Their website guides you through the process of ordering a MUPI with them (however they call it an ABRI) 

Step 7: Have them send it directly to the address of JCDecaux, which has been sent to you in your correspondence with Amsterdam & Partners

Step 8: Call Jcdecaux when you expect it to arrive to double check if the posters arrived in good order.

Important: JcDecaux needs to get the posters delivered two weeks before it goes onto the streets