Justine Magnat-Biermé

Instagram posts

How to design a post

If you have to create a post with type on it, here is all you need to know.


Some instagram posts -

1. Go to Kantoor -> 0-Stichting -> 0-Graphic Design -> 23 - Instagram -> Instagram_2020 (or whatever year it is).

2. Choose the event you need to make a post on and open the indesign file.

3. Posts contain four elements:
• The type of event (here "Workshop")
• The name of the event (here "Growing Mushrooms")
• The date (here 14th of August)
• A picture illustrating it


Exemple of instagram post with type -

4. You can find pictures in the "img" folder of the corresponding workshop. If you don't want to use the ones that are here you can find some more in Mediamatic Flickr and put them here.

5. When you are done with creating your posts you export them as png in the png file. Name them like this: "WorkshopName_date_.png", like here "GrowingMushrooms_14august_.png".


Export instagram posts as png -

6. Choose the range of pages you need to export as pngs, choose 96ppp resolution and RGB color profile. Click export.


Instagram posts png options -

7. Share the pngs with the communication manager that will be in charge of posting on instagram.