Voddenmannen 1

Pop-up Shop

24 jul 2021
25 jul 2021

Mediamatic and Voddenmannen are happy to invite you to the Voddenmannen 1 pop-up shop. Come by and get your hands on the very first batch of affordable design items that are remodelled from discarded textiles.


First Collection of Voddenmannen - Affordable design items remodelled from discarded textiles


About Voddenmannen

voddenmannen is an initiative of fashion designer Rens de Waal in which he investigates his role as a ‘Fashion Remodelist’, a mentality in which we look at the value of clothing in a different way.

With Leger des Heils ReShare as a collaborator and supplier of damaged vintage, voddenmannen taps into a waste stream that otherwise would be reduced to the fiber prematurely. Rens believes that working with what we already have leads to an exciting design challenge. He discovered that Leger des Heils ReShare collects a lot of good quality (vintage) clothing that has something wrong with it: a hole or a stain. Not all of these items can be repaired manually, so they are often reduced to the fiber. He saw an opportunity here, as these items are of good quality and simply need some care and imagination for reinvention. The garments are translated, stripped and updated into contemporary pieces with a subtle design handwriting. 

The name voddenmannen (loosely translated rag men) and its historical function stems from a time where clothing meant value, something we forgot in our modern consumer society. De Voddenman is an intriguing historic reference, and by transforming and shaping it to todays world it is more than ready for a comeback.


Voddenmannen 1 Pop up store
Mediamatic Sluisdeurenloods

Saturday 24 from 10.00 till 22:00

Sunday 25 July from 10:00 till 20:00