Marguerite d'Ervau

Designing Incense - WO Assistant checklist

with Niklaus Mettler

Incense is an ancient form of perfumery and has in many cultures different shapes, purposes and functions. It is used as a time measurement, as an insect repellent or it serves as a portal to connect with the divine. In the workshop Designing Incense, participants will get in touch with many different aroma materials, and learn how to develop their own incense from scratch.

As a workshop assistant, your role is to set up the space with Niklaus, scan tickets, help out during the workshop and clean the space afterwards. Don't hesitate to print this assistant checklist and have it with you on the day of workshop!

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant.



Japanese Incense - Designing Incense Workshop Eloise Peredruk

General information about the workshop

Time ~4h (1h prep + 3h during)

Location: Aroma Lab
Max. participants: 10
Tutor: Niklaus Mettler
Phone number: 0634949320


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • 1 p.p. Stools [Aroma Lab]
  • 1 p.p A4 thick paper (160 gr) [Office: next to the corner printer]
  • 1 Baking paper roll [Kitchen]
  • 1 p.p. Handouts [Workshop box / documents attached at the bottom of this page]
  • 1 p.p. Becker 100ml [Aroma Lab]
  • 1 p.p. plastic pipette [Aroma Lab]
  • 1 p.p. small white bowl [Dry storage]
  • 1 p.p. Big petri dish [Aroma Lab]
  • 1 p.p. Pencils [Aroma Lab]
  • 2-3 Refillable lighters / matches [Bar]
  • 1 p.p. Water glasses [Bar]
  • 1-2 Water carafes [Bar]
  • 1 p.p. and 1 per ingredient Small coffee spoons [Bar]

NOTE: Niklaus is in charge of ordering and bringing the incense ingredients and the rest of the equipment.


To-do list


A week before the workshop


tuinkamer set up for designing incense -

  1. Check in with Niklaus on Thursday when he is present at Mediamatic.
  2. Set up either Tuinkamer or RoundTable room.
  3. Print out handout (incense fact sheet) and recipe sheet.
  4. Make incense holders out of baking paper (1p.p. + some extras). Cut out a sheet (roughly 30 x 30 cm) and make folds (roughly 3cm wide).

    Designing incense - fold up -

  5. Make envelopes out of thick paper (160 gr) to store their incense and transport them home. Staple the edges to make sure the envelop won't open.

    designing incense - envelope making -


On the day of the workshop

  1. Get water glasses and carafes for participants.
  2. Help Niklaus to prepare the incense materials, and place this on the table that will be used for blending powdered materials. Place a teaspoon to the side of each material. (You can put more than one spoon to the side of the Mako powder.)
  3. Place big petri dishes, spoons, becker and pipettes fo participants on the table. Add one of every item just for Niklaus to make a demonstration, first.
  4. Every customer will have everything placed in front of him: handouts, teaspons, bowls, powdered materials,...


During the workshop

Welcome participants and scan tickets. 

Help keep the space tidy while participants are making incense.

Take a photo of the workshop. This can be, for example, an overview photo, a photo of the product, or a photo of the participants. When taking photos of participants, remember to ask for permission.


Timeline of the workshop


In the week before

Print handouts, make incense holders and envelopes, make sure there are enough chairs in the Tuinkamer


Help Niklaus set up: set up the Room.


Participants start to arrive. Scan their tickets


Introduction: Niklaus starts with a special Japanese incense bowl, followed by smelling pure incense that he has prepared.




Niklaus explains the process of making incense.


Participants experiment with different materials. Take a photo if you can.


Workshop ends.

After the workshop

Clean up the space and return to the original setup.