Marguerite d'Ervau

Freestyle Kintsugi - WO Assistant checklist

with Mariko Hori

Humans are not able to control everything. In the workshop Freestyle Kintsugi, the participants will experience the philosophy of kintsugi, which embraces the flawed or imperfect. They will practice to accept the way things are and letting go of control. How? By ritually breaking dishes and glueing them together again in novel and golden ways.

As a workshop assistant, your role is to prepare materials, prepare the space, take care of ticketing, be there during the workshop and clean up. Don't hesitate to print this assistant checklist and have it with you on the day of workshop!

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant.



Workshop participant connecting pieces with precision using the Kintsugi technique - Eloise Peredruk

General information about the workshop

Time ~5.5h (1h prep + 3.3h during)

Location: The Barn
Max. participants: 10
Tutor: Mariko Hori
Phone number: +31 (0)6 4724 5101
Email address:


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • 1-2 p.p. Chipped plates [Workshop box / Dry storage]
  • 5 Sea shells [Workshop box / Dry storage]
  • 1 p.p. Trash bags (clear) [Dry storage]
  • 1 Roll of gaffer tape [Office / Barn]
  • 1 p.p. Round metal tables
  • 1 p.p. White plastic chairs [Barn]
  • 1 Rectangular high white table [Barn]
  • 1 Round high white table [Aroma Lab / Barn / Restaurant]
  • 1 Big blue tarp [Barn]
  • 1 pair p.p. Plastic gloves [Dry storage]
  • 1 Big white table cloth [Dry storage]
  • A bunch Paper towels [Dry storage]
  • 5 Glass jars with a lid [Workshop box / Dry storage]
  • 1 p.p. Take out boxes [Workshop box / Dry storage]
  • 5 Stanley knives [Workshop box / Dry storage / Barn]
  • 1 p.p. Water glasses [Bar]
  • 2-3 Caraves of water [Bar]
  • 1 Ticketing ipad or your own phone with Stager app on it [Wine storage]


To-do list


On the Friday before the workshop

  1. Gather all the materials to the Barn
  2. The barn needs to be set up.
    a. Fold the big blue tarp in the middle of the Barn so that it forms a square. Tape the corners and a bit of the edges to the floor with gaffer tape.
    b. Set the rectangular high white table in front of the screen. Set on a table cloth.
    c. Set the round high white table at the entrance of the Barn.
    d. Set the round metal tables around the tarp around 1,5 from the tarp. Set a white chair behind each table.
    e. Cover each table with a clear trash bag, and use tape to fix it onto the table.

nb. If the workshop is taking place in winter/ if the barn is too cold, do the plate smashing in the barn and set up the workshop in the Tuinkamer.

On the day of the workshop

  1. Come in at least one hour before the start. Help Mariko to set up for materials.
  2. Get some water and glasses for participants.
  3. If it's cold - get the water heater from dry storage and prepare some tea.
  4. Set up music. You can use any device that is plugged in the sound system. This playlist is very nice! To set up the sound system, be sure to turn on the speakers (extension cable in the workshop area), connect the mini jack to your device, and turn up the master knob on the sound board.
  5. Prepare the hand sanitising station (alcohol spray, tissue paper)
  6. Scan Corona pass QR codes when participants enter.


During the workshop

Welcome participants and scan tickets.

Help Mariko when needed. 




On the Friday before

Bring material to the barn and set up space.


Preparation start: help Mariko set her things up. Get water for the participants.


Welcoming participants and scanning their tickets.


Start of the workshop: introduction by Mariko


Purification ceremony


Freestyle kintsugi


End of the workshop

After the workshop

Cleaning up and restoring the space to its standard set-up. Bring the workshop box back to the project room and close the barn.