Radical Embroidery -WO Assistant checklist

with Desirée Hammen

In this workshop, participants are invited to join artist and designer Desirée Hammen to change the narrative, challenge social norms and break taboos through designing their own piece of radical embroidery.

As a workshop assistant, your role is to prepare materials, prepare the space, take care of ticketing, be there during the workshop and clean up.

Don't hesitate to print this assistant checklist and have it with you on the day of workshop!

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant.



Erotic embroidery circle - At Beftival  during Museumnacht 2021, participants join artist Lizette van Hecke  for an erotic embroidery session.  Caroline Aravicius

General information about the workshop

Time ~5h (1h prep + 4h during)

Location: Straatkamer
Max. participants: 10 or 12
Tutor: Desirée Hammen
Phone number: 0624622533
Email: desiree.hammen@gmail.com


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • embroidery hoops
  • embroidery fabric(s)
  • random objects for participants to choose and embroider on
  • needles 
  • clamps to hook the hoops on the table
  • sewing yarns / threads
  • TV for Desiree's presentation

To-do list


A week before the workshop

Make sure we have all materials we need (fabrics, hoops, needles) 


Layout.Straatkamer.RadicalEmbroidery -

Image: Layout of workshop location

On the Friday before the workshop

  1. Make sure Desiree has a spot for her personal belongings.
  2. Get a rack for participants to hang their coats on.
  3. Place lightboxes for decoration.
  4. Set up the TV for Desiree’s power point presentation (see image below) and make sure you have the right cable and that it actually works.
  5. Get a tall table with a white cloth for drinks.
  6. Get two tables for the materials.
  7. Bring the boxes of materials and objects downstairs.
  8. If you wish to make the atmosphere more cozy (as Desiree likes it) you can bring in a couple of plants from the Tuinkamer.


    Tvcables.RadicalEmbroidery-01 -

Image: The cable you need to connect the Mac to the TV for the Power Point presentation

On the day of the workshop

  1. Come in at least one hour before the workshop starts
  2. Set up the powerpoint presentation from Desiree on the TV.
  3. Lay out all the materials on the tables.
  4. Prepare the hand sanitizing station (alcohol spray, tissue paper).
  5. Get some water with mint from the aquaponics and glasses for participants.
  6. If it's cold - get the water heater from dry storage and prepare some tea.
  7. Set up music. You can use any device that is plugged in the sound system. This playlist is very nice! To set up the sound system, be sure to turn on the speakers (extension cable in the workshop area), connect the mini jack to your device, and turn up the master knob on the sound board.
  8. Scan Corona pass QR codes when participants enter.


During the workshop

Welcome participants and scan tickets. 

Help Desiree when needed.


Timeline of the workshop


In the week before

Go over check list
11:00 Finish the set-up of the room and prepare for scanning tickets
11:45 Welcome the participants and scan their tickets.
12:00 Start of the workshop
12:05 Presentation by Desiree
12:20 Radical embroidery
16:00 End of the workshop

After the workshop

Cleaning up and restoring the space to its standard set-up. Bring the workshop boxes back to the project room.