Gino Marengo

Head Chef


Portrait of Gino Marengo in the Panorama Studio - Meet Gino! Growing up in Suriname, with a hunting grandfather who picked game directly from the forest, Gino came into contact with animals, fresh ingredients and rich dishes from an early age. He ate everything from iguana eggs to armored fish , but he didn't like vegetables. "Sopropo, boulanger, it all tasted so bitter, it was way too intense!" He now transforms every vegetable into a sensational spectacle, reinterpreting traditional dishes in a surprising way, connecting food cultures, flavors and… Andrea Valdivia

As a child of the globalized world, (born in Surinam, raised both in Surinam and the Netherlands and one day moving to Portugal), I don’t adhere to a dogma of exclusively using local ingredients. Food is an integral part of our culture and is the main ingredient that ties us together. So therefore it has to stay relevant instead of being static. 

After my Fashion Design study at the AMFI in Amsterdam I unconsciously and yet deliberately decided that my path would take a different direction. My story telling shifted from using textiles and silhouettes to the use flavors and scents.

At Mediamatic Eten I hope to explore and share my story. A story that connects the traditional eating and drinking habits found in our vast multi-cultural society. How do we recreate traditional flavors and at the same time create new memories and have a dialogue towards a more ethical and social responsible cuisine?


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