Julia van der Veen

What's On Banner

Posters to hang in the building

We hang posters in our windows to promote our program to passersby.
We have two separate banners:

1.TO SEE (Showing current exhibitions) 

2.OPEN (Announcing upcoming events and workshops) 

These banners will have to be hanged in three different places around the Biotoop: 

1. Aroma Lab (next to the entrance) 

2. Aquaponics (In the window across shaffy's tuin) 

3. Bar (Not on a window, but connected to pole with magnets. This did not look too good, so this should be improved) 

The banners are specially designed by Ejla and Ben to fit to their place.

You can find the templates in the Google Drive --> Graphic Design --> What's On

We print the banners ourselves in the graphic room using the big printer.

See a detailed print instruction below  



What's On Window Banners - Ejla Miletic, Ben Hopley

Print instruction Whats'on Banners

The What’s On banners are printed on the big printer, and on the regular paper. 

When you want to print on the big printer, you need to print from the old computer in the graphics room. You download what you want to print on the computer (from your mail, drive etc), open it in Preview and hit CTRL+P. 

When the print dialog box opens, you have to choose the preset of the size (not really sure how exactly it’s called - usually the spot that says ‘US document size’ or similar) and there you choose a preset at the bottom, these are the four options for banners:

WO bar 1066

WO aqua 1066

WO bar 915

WO aqua 915

The abbreviations ‘bar’ and ‘aqua’ are because of the three locations where the banners are hanging: the bar/restaurant, the aquaponics lab and the aroma lab. 

Since aroma lab banners are the shortest, they are printed next to the bar and aquaponics’ banners (the right one on both pdfs) and under them stands the name/marker of the banner printed with the appropriate size.

The usual paper roll is 106,6 cm wide, but sometimes we use a smaller one that is 91,5 cm. 

That’s why there are two presets for two locations in the printer dialog window. Check what roll is in the printer and choose the right presets accordingly. 

Before you click to print, since it’s one file for both prints (easier to handle, archive, etc), and since the pages are different length, you have to print one page at a time. 

When you specify the size of the print in the preset you also have to specify which page you are printing at the moment.

And then it takes about 45 min for each page to print. :)