Georgia Dalloro

How to hold a pigeon

Learning from our new squabs

Yesterday we welcomed our new squabs (young pigeons) into their new home, at the top of Chim (tower n.11). 


Arne holding a Squab - Arrival of the four young squabs (young pigeons) to the Biotoop. Provided by pigeon racer Jos Voortman, these four squabs are being introduced into the pigeon loft we have constructed for them on the top of Chim (pigeon tower n.11). They will be living there for the next two weeks, after which we will open the doors and they will be free to learn how to fly and explore their surroundings. Our hope is that they will enjoy living on the tower and make it their home, where they always return to… Georgia Dalloro

In order to place them into their loft - and in general to check that they are alright - it is necessary to handle them. This must be done without harming them of course, but still securely enough that they cannot escape. 

Jos Voortman, the racing pigeon breeder that provided us with the squabs, showed us how to do so.

The pigeon should be grasped with ones dominant hand, with the thumb wrapping around their wings and the index and middle finger on either side of their legs. The other hand should be supporting the bird and holding it against ones body to make sure it feels secure.

From this position one can easily spread the pigeons wings to check their condition, or the bird can even be flipped around to check their information from their foot tag.


pigeon holding animation - Short animated tutorial on how to properly hold a pigeon, based on instructions by Jos Voortman. Georgia Dalloro