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Cordula Körber is a scenographer, she transforms spaces, designs costumes and with derstrudel she teaches workshops to explore electronics, design and tinkering. In her works she is interested in how the design of space can guide and entertain people. Her works have been shown at festivals, in theaters and recently she has transformed a train.

Installations, theater plays, workshops (selection): Schauspiel Essen, Zeche Zollverein Ruhr2010, Melez Festival, Schauspiel Bochum, Duisburger Philharmoniker, Theater Aachen, Stadttheater Gießen, Semperoper Dresden, Theater Dortmund, Mediamatic Amsterdam, SK-Stiftung Kultur Cologne, Next-level Conference Cologne, The Art of the Overhead Malmoe, Centre Pompidou Paris, 104 Paris.

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