Katarina Skoberne

Co-Founder OpenAd and Group Managing Director

Katarina Skoberne is responsible for running the OpenAd group.

Katarina is responsible for the strategy and development of the group of companies and their implementation and alignment within the companies themselves.

After having studied electrical engineering, she began her career in media in 1993 at a Slovenian ad agency, the Vision Factory, which she helped found. After taking part in some commentary features on advertising, she was offered a job creating and hosting the country's weekly advertising programme, CikCak, which she did for eight years. She has also lectured in advertising at the University of Ljubljana. She was lured to help set up OpenAd in 2003.

She's already set up two successful ventures: an agency she helped to get off the ground and a new show that became, against all odds, a prime time success. Katarina is fluent in English, French, Italian, German and Slovenian.

In 2008, Katarina was named one of the 1000 Most Influential People in British Business by the Daily Telegraph.


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