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fusionplay: a hybrid playground: the world

Hi, my name is Mathijs Konings. I am co-founder of Monobanda: a brand new and innovating company that is specialized in making fusionplay. Monobanda creates interactive moments that can be put to use for idealistic, commercial or informative purposes.
My job is to create the deep structure of a concept; the rules or DNA on which a project is build. As I look at it every rule is a constructed boundary and every boundary determines the goal. If you succeed in finding every last boundary of a game, then you have completed the game.
In my world the finding of boundaries is also called learning. This is why I think games can be a great educational tool. Not only useful to educate children, but also adults or consumers. If you succeed in letting a person experience, rather than see your product, then this product will become part of his or hers inner world.
This might sound a bit like I am making propaganda machines, but my main goal will always be to stimulate people to think for themselves and to continue to learn. Because you never know what will happen. The future doesn’t exist until it is here and now.

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