Andree Sandkötter

3D Artist & Crossmedia Designer

After using Google Sketchup during his second year at the AKI ArtEZ the Enschede Academy of Visual Arts, Andree focused on 3D Modelling and Animation and soon began using 3DS Max for his study assignments. For his final exam Andree created an 18 minute 3D animation about Computer Generated Imagery called Behind the Polygons, trying to convey the 3D artist's train of thought to the average viewer without a technical background. Apart from that Andree partakes in an online animation battle blog with former fellow students at

He sees quite a broad spectrum of tasks he would like to work on. He is very interested in the design of characters and environments for use in digital media like computer games, both casual and core games, or for movie productions and internet appearances. Concept and product visualisation offer challenges Andree would also like to meet. In the long run he wants to be an art director in a game development or animation studio, where his technical background will allow him to understand all phases of the workflow.

Andree Sandkötter was awarded his Abitur in 1997 in Rheine (DE). After a successful career in the German military, Andree resigned in 2005 as a Lieutenant First Class and began studying Cross Media Design at the AKI ArtEZ the Enschede Academy of Visual Arts. He received his Bachelor of Design in July 2009. Andree was nominated for the Youngblood Award (Gogbot Enschede).

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