Bas Kennis

Musician in the band Bløf

For the last 10 years Bløf as been one of the most populair bands in Holland. I’ve been the keyboardplayer ever since the band started in 1992. We’ve released many multi-platinum records and we were the most played act on Dutch radio for 6 years in a row. We’ve always put a lot of energy in making every album something special. Our album ‘Umoja’ and it’s 13 all over the world recorded tracks is the best example. With the new release ‘Oktober’ we’ve focused on the internet to offer our fans more that just music. More and more artist have been adding extra content to their albums with bonus-DVDs and putting data on the CD itself. With ‘Oktober’ we’re pushing the boundaries on offering extra content with today’s technique Opendisc. Recreating the recording-process and the house in which we recorded ‘Oktober’ has been our main aim with the ‘Pickering Player’. It will be launched at PICNIC.

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