David Burden

David Burden, founder, Daden (UK)

David Burden, founder, Daden (UK) started his career in army communications managing a range of mobile and wireless systems in a variety of challenging situations.

After being "demobbed" in 1990, David joined Ascom, the Swiss telecoms company, and then Aseriti, the 70m turnover IT arm of Severn Trent plc. During the Dot Com boom David founded a wireless data company developing both WAP and Voice XML systems, as well as founding the Midlands chapter of the First Tuesday Networking organisation. David founded Daden, an Information 2.0 Consultancy in 1994.

David has been involved in virtual worlds since the mid 1990s, having created early spaces using VRML and played in several early 3D communal worlds. David's first virtual home was at Retsmah Crossing in Alpha World and he spent much of the early naughties hoverboarding off the slopes of There's giant Volcano. David has been in Second Life since its inception where his real-life and SL business Daden Limited helps businesses and organisations explore the social and commercial potential of virtual worlds. David also has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and Daden have an AI platform for use both in SL and on the web.

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