Hello my name is E and I am the future of social networking.

I’m your online life, right inside your pocket. I can connect you to friends, their social networks and in the future, a wide range of offline services as well. I’m here for everybody, from users to services.

My name is E.

E is a service and a device which give you the possibility to exchange contact information with a simple gesture. Hold two devices together for less than a second and they exchange contact information. Once you synchronize the device to a PC or Mac, the information you’ve collected is uploaded to the E service, where you can add your contacts directly to online services like LinkedIn or Facebook.

But E is not confined to online services. With E, you can also connect to a wide range of offline services like payment systems and retail experiences. E is here for users and businesses.

Contact informatie

  • hellomynameise
  • Piet Heinkade 181A
  • 1019 HC
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
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