231107 introduction

our project

what is your project about?

stories / experiences, photo's, video

what platforms are you interested in?
flickr, youtube, korsakov, weblogs, also our (newspaper) infographics, flash, and the internet

what audiences are you interested in?
writers from these specific weblogs (militairy people) and their readers

what aesthetic elements are importent?
main goal to link weblogs and visiualize them with photo's and video. or react on excisting pictures and video linked already on a weblog

do you want to include user generated content?
yes i will. that will be our grid

-from rules
in a certain way it has to linked to afghanistan and not to war as main keyword

-content rules
maybe in later stadium?

-time frames
look like my topics; homecountry, afghanistan, photo, video, mission