Adhesive Tape

The right tape for the job can do wonders!

There are many different types of (double sided) tapes. we did some testing and here are our notes. The main criteria are: Does it stick well enough for my application? Does it not leave dirty traces that we cannot remove? Will it stay on long enough? Is it affordable?


273888255_b4b91afe0a_m.jpg - Zepha

Tape used for the laminar flow

To tape the PVC foil to the aluminium we use 'M3 9088' Which we order at Van Asperen

For waterproof ducting

Aluminium tape met vaste polyesterfolie 50mm x 50 meter €12,52 (Polyester film, so it can not be ripped apart), used for sticking together the aquaponics grow tent.
You can order atTapeconcurrent
(You can find our account information in the Metalist Account)

Open-and-close your connection

VELCRO TAPE (klittenband)
K+K Klebetechnik
Mainly specialized in double sided tapes.
- Velcro tape or coins (circles) also used for ikCam-front mounting. With Acryl glue.

Cable repair flexible waterproof

Self Vulcanising ISO Butyl Rubber Tape

The best solution for phone charger cables with broken insulation. But also waterproof insulation of electrical connections. The tape consists of soft black rubber that only sticks to itself. So if you wind it around your cable it will form a strong flexible plastic sleeve around it that will protect and insulate.
Fist remove the backing paper and then stretch the tape firmly. Then wind it snugly around the parts that you want to repair. Hold for 3 minutes and presto! Order for instance at Conrad.


3M foamie tape double-sided 9528 (with white cover!)
-Is perfect for posters on interior walls article number 40560235

3M foamie tape double-sided (with green/white checked cover)
-Is okay for sticking up banners outside.
-It is not okay for using on dvd-boxes, they will tear.
-Also when old, the tape will leave remains on the wall. tape 4026

Scotch pressure sensitive tape
- sticks ok but not super strong
- affordable
- after a while it is becoming very easy to remove. so it could be, that things will fall off

Hema foam tape
- a bit stronger than the scotch pressure tape, works very good to stick dvd boxes to the wall.

Hardware shop jelly tape with the red cover - extra strong doublesided jelly tape
- is the best but also costs the most

Hardware shop tape with the red cover - normal doublesided white foam tape is okay for the banners outside !
3M doublesided white foam tape 'ruben adhesive' does not work !


for sticking stuff on walls and windows

never use Carpet Tape on walls. It does not really hold and it leaves dirty traces. Its only good for sticking cares to rough floor so they don't slip.

The following 4 types of tape are ordered at Handelonderneming N. Bouwen bv
If in stock delivery in 1 day.
It is possible to order box with combination of different materials.

It is tested on Cardboard and Styrofoam.
With 4 kinds of paper:
- Film paper
- Tracing paper
- Film matte
- Plain paper

The plain paper is always damaged when the tape is removed.
The cardboard is always damaged when the tape is removed.

Product: 500
Sticks good to cardboard - strongest.
Doesn't stick great to styrofoam.
Can be removed without damaging the filmpaper and tracing paper.
Leaves a trace on the film matte when removed.

Product: D3323WS
//Thin transparant polyster double-coated tape with a PE coated paper line
19 mm x 0,07 mm.
Role of 50m. €5,41
Role of 50 m 5,41//
Sticks good to cardboard - weakest.
Doesn't stick great to styrofoam.
Can be removed without damaging paper.

Product: D9605
Sticks good to cardboard - strongest.
Sticks fairly well to styrofoam.
Can be removed without damaging paper.

Product: 5033X
//Standard splicing non-woven double-coated tape.
19 mm x 0,13 mm.
Role of 50m. €4,32//
Sticks good to cardboard.
Sticks ok-ish to styrofoam.
Can be removed from without damaging paper.

Product: KK4181
For taping small papers temporally to a wall, one side strong sticking the other side weak.
Can be ordered at K+K Klebetechnik


Art Fix / All glues Tissue tape €10,95 (de Vlieger Amsterdam)

Art Fix / All glues transparant €8,95 (de Vlieger Amsterdam)
Easier to remove

Sellotape (Pritt)
12 mm x 33 m. box of 12 roles
(order at discountoffice or 4allclients)

Bison Vinyl tape (removable) - Tape good for hanging ikPoll DVD boxes.
€11,50 at Overtoom (office supply shop)

Suggested shops to get doublesided tape in Amsterdam: van der Heijden, van Beek, de Vlieger, Winter.


NICHIBAN TAPE (linnen tape)
Handelonderneming N. Bouwen bv
order before 3PM to receive the next day
various colours
role of 50 m. for 14,25
18 roles a box