Tuesday BBQ-day

Aquaponics Meeting #24

14 aug 2012

Last sunday was a really productive day. We started the first steps of our very own germination room by seeding different kinds of vegetables in rockwool cubes and in clay pebbles to see what will happen. One of the big fish tanks was in need of some cleaning, which also happened last sunday. The fish from that tank are now transferred to the tank in the big tower.


Sterre starting the germination <strong>project</strong> - Our first steps in making a germination room for our aquaponics towers. This way the building process gets even more self sustainable. Sterre Manasse

This tuesday will be a little bit relaxed. We will do some water testing, make sure that the fish are alright in their new tank, check how the seeds are doing and above all, organize a BBQ for our hardworking people. So if you want to join in for dinner please RSVP on this page.