Grow tent building and fish health care

Aquaponics Meeting #35

23 okt 2012

For the last two weeks we've been taking care of the sick fish. Hugo the fish man came and showed us how to build fish quarantine so we can heal our fish without unbalancing the systems. Els mailed the group this morning that the fish in the quarantine hospital died. Hugo already mentioned that they are probably too sick to be saved. In this meeting we will discuss how to proceed when we get new fish and how we handle and prevent illness. Also we'll continue building the grow tent, while talking and discussing our love for Aquaponics. Please RSVP so we can get you something nice to eat.


Aquaponics tower - De workshop is afgerond en de Aquaponics toren is klaar voor gebruik. Hij wordt bezichtigd op het Transnatural Festival. Fay Gramberg