EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2009

Selecting & promoting Europe's best in digital and interactive media

The EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards are Europe’s contest for young professionals and students who work on innovative projects in the field of e-contents and design - using whichever multimedia channel or platform. Projects can be submitted in 9 categories and one special award.


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Deadline for entries is June 30, 2009
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The EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival showcases and promotes young professionals and top students and honours them for their outstanding achievements. Over three days, this event frames the platform for networking, exchange of ideas, experiences and business contacts between the multimedia newcomers, instructors, the European IT-industry and IT-media editors and journalists.


The EUROPRIX winning projects are the best of young multimedia contents and design in Europe. The projects and products are the top selection from all entries to the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards. They show that the new developments are not isolated, but that from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, from small towns to the European capitals, young media designers have taken charge of the technologies to create new applications and contents that work in the real world.

History of EUROPRIX

The EUROPRIX was started by the Austrian presidency in 1998 as an EU member states initiative, supported by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Information Society, governments of other countries in the European Union and private industry. Its main activity was the organisation of the pan-European Multimedia Content Award.

The contest and related activities are organised by the contest office in Salzburg and its partner organisations in major regions in Europe, in association with leading professional multimedia associations. Over the last 12 years EUROPRIX has established a platform for the development of new media industries in Europe and professional networking of producers and designers.

EUROPRIX today is not a one-time event: It is a strategic project to develop the fast-moving multimedia markets in Europe. Upon the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards (formerly Top Talent Awards), its activities include the EADIM - European Academy for Digital Media, EUROPRIX Summer Schools and the Academic Network. The number of related activities are organised by the EUROPRIX Partners in 38 European Countries.

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