Making an A4 about your event to put in the BANK calendar.

Real easy.

Make a nice A4 with all the information to put in the calendar thing in the Mediamatic BANK exhibition space.

Before we make a physical version, please make an online event page. To learn how to do that please read this: /228741/nl

Now to print a physical version of your event page, you'll need Indesign 5.5 or higher. You can easily update your Indesign since it's on the fileserver > Kantoor > 9-software > _MacOSX > Design Software.

Open the EVENTS KALENDER BANK.indd file that's at the bottom of this article. Fill in all the information. Be selective in the description of the event, there's not much space on the A4 because of all the huge beautiful letters. Make sure all fonts stay the same as in the template.

Take the main picture from the event page on the website and simply drag it into Indesign. Make it fit like in PIC 1 and then 'Send it to back' ( ⌘ + shift + [ ) while you still have the picture selected.


PIC 1 - Make the picture fit exactly to the bottom of the page, then send to back.

On the online event page of your event, a unique QR–code is automatically generated and shown on the bottom of the page. Right click on it and open it in new tab, like in PIC 2. In the new tab, select the part of the link that says 60x60 and turn it into 120x 120, like in PIC 3. Drag the 120x120 QR–code to Indesign and place it in the left bottom corner.


PIC 2 - Open the QR code in a new tab


PIC 3 - Change the size of the QR-code.

Drag the upper blue line of the picture to the bottom of the text, like in PIC 4. (Looks useless in the example pics but is necessary when the picture is darker and competes with the text.)

Well, seems like you're ready to print ( ⌘ + p )! Choose your favorite printer and leave all settings like they are. Just make sure select the 'Scale to fit' option, like in PIC 5, since we put the text directly on the edges. NOW PRINT!!!!


PIC 4 - Drag the upper blue line of the picture down to the bottom of your text.

Put it nicely in the BANK calender thing.


PIC 5 - Be sure to scale to fit.