Travel Experiences in Lima

Before I came to Peru I had no idea what to expect from there. Of course I was excited about going to Peru, and to Lima in particular.
I knew I would be making a lot of photo’s and seeing art, but what I couldn't predict is that a lot of gallery’s are not open in january and febuary because of summertime.
But thanks to my guide Eliana I did see a lot other interesting things. Like a carnival parade what happened every year on the last saturday of febuary or the big market in they old center of Lima. In only 4 days I learn a lot about there culture. It was a great introduction for me.
Because of the guide you don’t feel a tourist but it’s like you really live there. The time in Lima I made some connections with artists and locals and it’s feels like those connections have to become a lifelong alliances. For me, Lima was a turning point in my young career and a life-changing experience.

Mucho Gracias!


Street Art - Taken in Barranco neighborhood, Lima


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