Lukas Pauka

Besides being a brand developer, DJ, producer and interactive producer at Us Media I also run my own company; Lukas Pauka interactieve media. In this professional practice I realize interactive concepts.

Various requests from my steady network has made me decide to start my own business right after my studies at HKU (EMMA, IMM). For clients like NS, SWZ and NVO2 I have developed interactive systems which enables user to interact with one another during conferences, be it in the form of a quiz, voting on poles or directly interacting with the speakers.

At the moment I am working on a creating a “politieke barometer” for the website of a Dutch news program called NOVA. The barometer visualizes the current political state of affairs.

I also engage in brand development; the creation of new names for product, services and organizations. I do so in a couple of online “creative cells”. After receiving a brief the anonymous members of the cell get together in an online portal and start brainstorm sessions. Many new names have come out of these cells and I will be participating in optimizing the process for this way of brand development.

Coming year I hope to realize a concept for a game on the iPhone. The game will be location based and will use many of the iPhone’s features in a pro active and intuitive manor. The game will not only take place within the virtual confines of the iPhone, it will also encourage physical interaction between players in the real world.

Apart from creating more cool and inspiring innovative concepts I hope to give a positive contribution to the national media landscape.

Contact informatie

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