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Kobe Design University aims to fuse artificial technology and human art into one integrated area of study.


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The University was set up by Tanioka Gakuen, an educational foundation established more than seventy years ago committed to "training people to be of use to the world." Kobe Design University was established on the principles that the combination of art and science we call design is the effective approach to responding to the cultural demands of our times; to educate people required to respond positively to changes in the social and economic environment of Japan; and to contribute to the development of society and human culture.The University is composed of the following departments.

■School of Design
Dept. of Visual Design
Dept. of Fashion and Textile Design
Dept. of Product Design
Dept. of Environmental Design

■School of Progressive Arts (Starts in April 2006)
Dept. of Media Arts
・Photography and 3D-CG Major
・Filmmaking Major
・Manga and Animation Major
Dept. of Plastic Arts
・Art Produce Major
・Crafts Major
 (Ceramic,Glass,Woodworking,Metal and Jewelry)
■Center for Design Studies

■Design Theory Division

■Integrated Design Division

Kobe Design University is ready to welcome the young people who will build the future

Source: Kobe DU.

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