Arn van der Pluijm


Arn - Arn van der Pluijm

I am an industrial designer working in the field of man-city interaction.

I studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. In 2007 I graduated as a Master of Science in Strategic Product Design. With my graduation project 'Urbanlink; a public space concept for the Media Academy of the Hogeschool Rotterdam' my interest in public space, communication and new media was stimulated and I decided to start as an independent designer in this field as Urbanlink; design for man-city interaction.

Next to this I worked as a part-time researcher at the Delft University of Technology-Industrial Design Engineering-Design for Sustainability. In this European collaboration programme I worked on the investigation of the possibilities for ICT-based water tourism in the North of the Netherlands.

Currently I am mostly working on the development of Drupal based websites with a focus on man-city interaction. For instance a neighbourhood calendar and a platform that improves communication and supports the process for new developments in people's living environment. This is not about making a website, it is about creating the tools to support people in creating a better living environment for themselves.

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