Peand el

a.k.a. Peter Lyberth


Peand-el - Taken from his MySpace

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Peand eL (P & L) has been around the greenlandic hip hop scene since 2005 with the release of his first album "Eqqissitinnga". His second album "Tarrara - my shadow" was released in February 2009, with impressive collaboration with Mariina, Tuumotz, Rasmus Lyberth, Anda Uldum and many others (source: pisiitblog).

A softly speaking, squat man in his 20s, standing outside a bleak block of flats, is telling a story familiar to that of rappers around the world. The son of a travelling fisherman and an alcoholic mother: his Inuit lyrics are all about neglect. "I write about my life," he says. "I write about my neglected childhood and about suicide." (source: domystica).

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