We can be super heros, existential lovers, life theorists, fellow travelers, artists in residence (together) and great kissers.

I know exactly what kind of person my soul mate is. Does that seem absurd to say? Well, I can say it because I believe that our curse in life is that we are always offered what we truly want (although not always in the way we expect it). So, what I am really claiming, is to know exactly what I want, and I can only try to put that into words. Here goes.

I want for my mate and me to agree on some basics about life: the material world, including our ownmost bodies, is not the ultimate plane of existence; our ultimate concern for reality is the most important thing we have in common; the love for living and sharing experiences does not imply that we are separate, but rather that we are simply the human media of Being itself, which exists always in the process of enjoying itself.

Now, I myself subscribe to these conclusions not on faith, but because of the evidence. Going over this evidence is pretty much the most thrilling thing I look forward to doing with you - as we also make good food, give each other baths, read together quietly, ride bikes, see movies, kiss, and all that great lover stuff.

If we can agree upon our common Being, and the evidence for our non-separation - and of course on the importance of Art in our shared enthusiasm for intimating these things - then all of our other little appetites will sort themselves out (including physical ones). Those minor details (essentially sense data) are things that this Mediamatic system helps with, after all. The problem with most relationships is that they are about details and differences; I want to agree with you about Being in common, and then constantly laugh with you about how Being plays - as existence and presence - such marvelous games with us.

That is what I really want. It is pretty simple, I think. Hope you agree.

Thinking Cap (2009) - Dæmian Garett













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