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Eddy Merckx bike - Eddy Merckx set the one hour world record on this bike in 1972 - Mexico City. It's now on display in a case in its very own station (Eddy Merckx) on the Brussels metro - Line 1B - near the Erasmus terminus. Photo uploaded to Flickr by D1v1d

Eddy Merckx rode his last official cycling race in Kemzeke: It was the Tour of the Waasland of 1978. On 18 May of that year, he withdrew from competitive cycling and founded a successful cycling company in Meise, where he also lives.
The Eddy Merckx Company was created in 1980. Three years after he stopped racing. It's mission was to produce the finest cycles in the world, and that goal hasn’t changed a bit.

They have a new range of cycles including both carbon fiber and aluminum frames - and it’s their stated aim to get more people to enjoy the thrill of riding an original Eddy Merckx cycle.
Eddy is still at the heart of the company, and his eye for detail and quality strives each of the employees to yet higher standards. He is an integral part of the design process, and always tests each new model himself.

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