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Brick Lane Bikes specialises in custom made bikes, especially fixed gear and single speed. They offer a large range of frame sets and parts, which are customizable in every way.
They have also released two in-house BLB frame-sets: the new geometry ‘Track’ and lugged ‘Classic’.

There is a stock of ready-to-go off the peg models which are perfect to get started as a fixed gear or single speed rider. On top of this, they have a collection of classic and vintage bikes and components which include World Championship winning track bikes and NOS spares and parts.

For the past three years they have travelled Europe in search of the forgotten arts of the ‘classic period’ and its founding farthers; master frame builders such as Ernesto Colnago, Giovanni Pinarello, Ugo De Rosa and Cino Cinelli.

Brick Lane Bikes is as much a collection as it is a shop. They have hundreds of track and road racing frame sets and bikes from Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands that together define an era of artisan creativity and craftsmanship.

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