PICNIC Festival 2011

NDSM Wharf

14 sep 2011
16 sep 2011

Picnic Festival will take place from september 14 to september 16 at NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam. Three full days of information, inspiration, collaboration, co-creation and entertainment.


PICNIC festival - By Picnic PICNIC

Get inspired

Get inspired by the latest visions from global thought leaders. But also learn from exciting, new and upcoming talents.

Make and create

PICNIC is not for observers, it’s for participants. Lectures are only a small part of the PICNIC experience. Competitions, challenges, social games, matchmaking, labs and workshops encourage everyone to get involved and get their hands dirty.


Interactive exhibitions, games, networking sessions and unexpected surprises make for a fun and laid-back experience.


Interaction across boundaries. Speakers guide students. Designers meet business developers. Hackers collaborate with artists. The combinations are endless.


Casual, social atmosphere wrapped in a festival environment.


Escape to another world. The entire event ground is transformed by the PICNIC look and feel.

More information on the website.