Masterclass: Prototyping Bodies

Design the future 'you' with Agi Haines

6 feb 2016

How will environmental pressures impact our malleable body? And what can we do to guide human evolution? Join in the masterclass with Bio-artist Agi Haines (winner 2015 BAD award) and prototype the future ‘you’. Full day program incl. casting materials, coffee and tea.

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Thermal epidermiplasty - 'Transfigurations' depicts designs for potential body enhancements that have been surgically implemented to benefit the child. Each modification is put in place to solve a potential future problem for the baby, ranging from medical to environmental to social mobility issues. Agi Haines (UK)

The Masterclass

Through biomedical and healthcare sciences we have stitched and stretched the body into formats with completely differing purposes. In this masterclass we’ll speculate on further possibilities for modifications and imagine bodily solutions to evolutionary and environmental problems.


Agi Haines creating a cast -


The full day program will start with idea generating exercises and inspirational materials regarding modification. After which we will start to design our own bodily solutions with a life casting course. You will learn how to quickly cast your own bodyparts with alginate and plaster and use these imprints to sculpt your speculative modifications.


Masterclass: Prototyping Bodies - A workshop participant shows off their speculative future face Margherita Soldati


Masterclass: Prototyping Bodies - Feb. 6 2016 A workshop participant experiments with speculative design for the future 'you' Margherita Soldati


Masterclass: Prototyping Bodies - Agi Haines modelling her work on a workshop participant Margherita Soldati


Masterclass: Prototyping Bodies - The faces of the future? Workshop participants show off their designs for how the future human face might look. The changes were made using moulding materials and guidance from UK artist Agi Haines. The faces of the future? Margherita Soldati

Agi Haines

Agi Haines (UK) uses the human body as everyday material in order to question our morbid curiosity for the viscera of life. By focusing on the design of this body she aims to push the boundaries on what is accepted within our society.

Agi finished her Master degree at the Royal College of Arts and is currently studying for her PhD within interdisciplinary research group CogNovo. Last year she won the 2015 BAD award with her project ‘Drones with Desires’ (together with Marcel de Jeu and Jos van der Geest), which is currently on show at ‘Body of Matter’ in Eindhoven. Agi’s work is supported by AFK’s 3 Package Deal. Check out her TED talk here.


Agi Haines workshop - Prototyping bodies with Agi Haines Agi Haines (UK)

Masterclass: Prototyping Bodies
Saturday Feb. 6 10.00 - 18.00
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