The Smooth and the Striated

a double exhibition

Motivated alongside the Third International Deleuze Studies Conference, eight multi-disciplinary artists have been invited to exhibit Deleuze-inspired projects in two disparate locations within Amsterdam.


The Smooth and Striated - Taken from event site

Meditating on Deleuze's theories about quantifying humanity in contrast to what he says about our resistance to over-coding and hierarchization, the exhibition promises to reflect a contemporary theoretical foundation. Artists will present their inspired understandings of Deleuze in their practiced mediums and forms. Styles will vary greatly and will include, but not be limited to installation art, historical presentation devices, sound art, performance and spatial archival installations.


July 11
Have artists become the illustrators of philosophy? What can philosophers and scientists learn from artistic research?

What is the history of art’s relation to research?In art academies worldwide, the work of Gilles Deleuze has functioned as fertile ground for artists’ explorations and critical thinking. Artists ‘take’ what they think interesting in Deleuze and use it to research all aspects of life. Indeed, ‘taking’ philosophy as a point of departure has become increasingly important at a time when particularly the research of artists has become a special topic of interest. In order to buttress sound artistic research, philosophy education has become a fundamental aspect of academy education. But what does philosophy education really do for artists? According to some, Deleuze did not want to ‘apply’ his philosophical ideas to art, nor did he want to use art to ‘illustrate’ his philosophy.
[Taken from the Smooth and Striated website]