Kim Phu

The Booklet Badge

Version 3

A simple folded design that can hold not only name and person matching, but also drink tickets, maps, notes, while still staying compact in size.


Things that Kim loves - Kim Phu

The original design for this badge came from Pocket Mod and is the third version of the Registration Badge that is in the process of being made. It is printed on A4 paper which has a specific set of perforations and one slice that is demonstrated on the templated attached to this article.

Design Notes
The neat thing about the booklet is that once folded, it can be opened into a continuous loop. This means that there is no right place in the design where the "cover" should start. As long as half of the design goes in one direction, and the other half goes in the mirrored direction, you should get a successful booklet.

Also, once a booklet is folded, punched, and strung with a piece of rope, pages can be ripped out without damaging with integrity of the booklet. It will remain pieced together with the string.

The design is only printed on one side.

*Badges should always be printed on a Dell printer. It has more paper feed accuracy than the HP laserjets and they are printers commonly used for the registration process.