Kristine Larsson

How to print on the big printer

HP Designjet Z210044

Hereby a step plan:

  1. Start the computer in the Graphic Room by pressing the button on the back of the Mac Mini.
  2. Make sure that the screen of the Mac Mini is on by pressing the button on the front right bottom of the screen.
  3. Log in as a guest.

Note for Reader: This Manual is SUPER Out of Date SO SORRY. To be Updated ASAP.


Quick manual about how to print on the big printer (MM DesignJet).

  • 1. Make your document. (InDesign/illustrator/word anything). Make the document the size you want it to be printed. The max paper width you can choose is 1067mm and the height is infinite. There are some paper rolls that are smaller than 1067mm. Those have a max. width of 914mm
  • 2. Save your file on the server (File01) as:
    InDesign: IDML
    Illustrator: .AI

    Any trouble with saving or what so ever? check the Adobe help page: here
  • 3. Open the file on the computer in the Graphic Room. (Black screen next to the big printer) This one is connected to the printer. It is not possible to print from your laptop or any other computer in the office. 
  • 4. Press print
  • 5. PAGE SETUP (!Very important!): 
    Choose manage custom sizes > Enter the width and height of your file (max with =1067mm or 914mm) 
    Make sure that your picture is not scaled or cropped. 
    Choose the orientation of your paper wisely, so you don't end up having a lot of rest material that you have to throw away:
    f.e: if you have a document of 1000 mm x 60 mm, it is best to print it landscape and not portrait. Cause the paper is 1067 mm wide. If you do this correctly you also don't end up cutting a lot. (And straight cutting is really difficult if you have a big size print out

    Paper type= check what kind of paper you are using, and choose the right option. Source: Roll (very important!) 

  • 7. Press Print! 


Settings on the printer itself:

  • 1. Turn it on. (Not working?: check if everything is plugged!)
  • 2. Choose your paper and load it in the back. On the screen, it will give you directions on how to load it.
  • 3. Always select ROLL and not SHEET! And choose the kind of paper you are using (material)


What to do when the printer is not printing?

  • Try reloading the paper
  • Try restarting the printer
  • Check the size of your document (isn't it too wide for the printer?)
  • Still not working? Check the HP DesignJet 500 manual here, or google your error message.