Sander Veenhof

MoMA augmented

Conflux Festival New York

9 okt 2010
  • 12:00 -18:00
  • MoMA
  • 11 West 53 street, NY 10019 New York

Augmented Reality art invasion / exhibition - MoMA New York


DIY guerilla Augmented Reality exhibition in MoMA NYC - Augmented Reality art invasion, MoMA New York, October 9th - Sander Veenhof


Developments in the field of phychogeography advance rapidly and radically. In former times the discipline required mental capabilities such as concentration and imagination, nowadays mobile phones provide us with easy-to-use viewing tools to percieve a multitude of fictive realities, anywhere we are, instantly. The technique causing this 'progression' is called augmented reality. It has led to an armada of virtual creativity of various kinds into our public physical space. Actually, AR has rewritten the scope of 'public space'. Physically walled private spaces, such as musea, are now open areas for anyone's objects and actions. To reflect on this and to investigate the implications for art intitutes, Mark Skwarek and I propose to infiltrate the MoMA with an augmented reality exhibition, curated and transmitted from a distance using GPS-driven Layer AR technology. A helpdesk will assist Conflux participants to collaborate and contribute a work to this "virtual DIY museum".

A project by: Sander Veenhof & Mark Skwarek

Conflux Festival - October 9th 2010